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Cilajet Paint Protection

Now Offering Cilajet Paint Protection For Your Vehicle

Once we’ve helped you find your next vehicle, you'll want to protect your investment with ceramic paint protection. Your car faces several elemental challenges, bird droppings, salt, acid rain, and UV exposure to name a few. By not protecting your car, you open it up to the possibility of your paint being harmed by UV rays, oxidation and environmental related fading.

We Use the Best Paint Protection On the Market

What is Ceramic Paint Protection?

Cilajet's ceramic formula conforms to the most recent Boeing and Airbus specifications, offering vehicles the same level of protection against the elements as commercial jets. Using the latest in nano-ceramic with graphene technology, Cilajet’s automotive paint protection offer a hard protective shell against environmental elements while maintaining a showroom-ready shine for years.

Why Protect Your Paint?

Standard car wax and polish can provide a great solution for keeping your vehicle clean and clear of unwanted debris. However, the strongest defense against oxidation, corrosion, and other harmful contaminants is adding a ceramic car coating along with your car waxing and polishing routine. By combining ceramic car coatings with your standard wax and polish, you’ll enjoy:

  • Enhanced Protection: You’ll protect your vehicle from things like acid rain, bird droppings, oxidation, corrosion, and much more.
  • Better Resistance: Ceramic car coating formula ensures the highest level of resistance to abrasive materials available.
  • Longer Lasting: Cilajet Aviation Grade ceramic coatings are designed to provide long-lasting protection and unmatched durability for your vehicle.

We know you will absolutely love how your car looks with Cilajet ceramic paint protection, so be sure to ask your service representative about benefits today. We have experienced professionals who will ensure a perfect application.