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Explore Our Convenient ALM Exchange Policy

When you purchase a car from us, we want you to be fully satisfied with your choice. Occasionally, you might find that the vehicle you chose doesn't feel as right as you had initially thought. If you get your car home and decide that it isn't the ideal match after all, don't worry. We're not in the business of saddling you with a car that isn't exactly right for you. That's where our exchange policy comes into play. So, if you find that the car you purchased isn't the best fit, you can swap it for something else in our inventory.

How Our Exchange Policy Works

We aim to make our exchange process as hassle-free as possible so that you can get the right car in as little time as we can manage. If you find that the car you bought isn't right, you have five days or 300 miles , whichever comes first, to take advantage of our exchange policy at our dealerships serving Roswell and Union City.

That means that you can spend some time with your car and get a feel for it. If you decide that it's not the right fit, let us know! You can swap it for another vehicle from our inventory and get another car at the same (or even higher!) value. Plus, the new pick will be within the same credit and budget borders to grant you greater peace of mind.

Get Started

If you're looking to take advantage of our exchange policy, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team here at our dealerships serving Florence, SC can provide more details and help you get started on finding the right vehicle for you. We'll work with you to determine what didn't fit with the first vehicle and help you find something to swap it with that offers a better match.

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