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Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles vs New

New vs Certified Pre-Owned Cars

You'll find a wide selection of certified pre-owned and brand-new cars, trucks, and SUVs at ALM Cars in Athens, Georgia. Our large inventory carries vehicles to meet the needs of every driver, including electric models, minivans, and pickups. We understand that choosing between buying a new car or a certified pre-owned model can be challenging. Both types of vehicles have their benefits. Knowing which factors to consider before you buy can help you make the right decision. We created this comparison guide to help you make the best choice for your next vehicle.

new vs certified pre-owned cars

Certified Vehicles: Quality and Value

When you purchase a certified preowned vehicle from ALM Cars, you can be sure you're getting a high-quality vehicle at a good value. We complete a rigorous inspection of every car we certify to ensure it's free of mechanical issues and other defects. To get the certified preowned label, a car must have low mileage and a clean history. Because our expert mechanics go over the certified vehicles in our inventory thoroughly, these vehicles offer a better value than their non-CPO counterparts. Part of a vehicle's certification typically includes a warranty, which gives you peace of mind.

Extended warranty coverage helps pay for repairs if something happens with your vehicle, so you can spend less out of pocket at the mechanic. Ask one of our friendly representatives about warranty coverage for your certified preowned vehicle, as coverage varies depending on the manufacturer. A brand-new vehicle depreciates rapidly within the first few years of ownership, while a CPO vehicle will hold its value better because it depreciates at a slower rate. This means you can get more for the car if you decide to sell it down the road than you would for a non-certified vehicle.

New Vehicles: Customization and Technology

It's true that buying a CPO vehicle is less expensive than going with a brand-new model, but having a new car is an exciting experience that comes with many advantages. For example, you can customize your vehicle when you buy from ALM Cars. You'll get to choose the paint color, interior materials, engine, wheels, and more. Choose the exact trim level and packages you want for your car so it has the look and feel that suit your tastes and preferences. 

New cars come with the latest technology features, ensuring you stay entertained and connected when you're on the go. An infotainment system with a touchscreen is standard in most modern vehicles. This system typically pairs easily with your Android or Apple device for a seamless connection between your car and your phone. You can access your playlists, contacts, and maps as you travel, making it convenient no matter how long the trip is.

With a brand-new car, you'll have access to advanced safety and driver-assist features. Blind-spot monitoring is a common feature that warns you if there's traffic in your blind spot so you can change lanes safely. You'll get a camera system that shows you what's behind you when you're backing, and some vehicles might have an upgraded camera that gives you a bird's-eye view of the area around your vehicle to make it easy to maneuver. Other safety features you might enjoy include lane-keep assist, dynamic radar cruise control, and hands-free driving technology.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between New vs. Certified Pre-owned

These are some of the key considerations to think about when you're choosing between a new and a certified pre-owned vehicle.

Budget and Financing

Your budget is a top priority when you're shopping for a vehicle. Knowing how much you can comfortably afford to pay each month for your car payment can help you shop for cars that fit your income level. It helps to get pre-approval for a car loan because it lets you know what a bank is willing to lend you. The finance department at ALM Cars can walk you through the entire loan process so you can start shopping for a new car today.

Features and Options

Think about the features and options you need and want your new vehicle to have. If there are certain interior elements you can't live without, or you really want your car to be a specific color, then a brand-new model from ALM Cars is the way to go. We can help you customize your new car to fit your unique desires. 

If you decide to go with a certified pre-owned model, you could get upgrades you wouldn't get otherwise. For instance, there could be a model in a trim you want with leather seats and special badging at a price you can afford. A new model with these features would be out of your price range.

Ownership Goals

Buying a new car makes sense for those who plan to drive their vehicles for years to come. Your car will come with almost zero miles on it, so you know it should have a lot of mileage left on the engine. Keep in mind that new cars depreciate rapidly in the first few years of ownership, making it worthwhile to hold on to your new car for a while. 

If your ownership goals are more short-term and you think you might sell the car soon or you want to save money so you can purchase a better car in the future, then a certified pre-owned vehicle might be a better fit. These cars have lower price tags than new models, but you can still get vehicles that are only a few years old.

Warranty Coverage

New cars come with factory warranty coverage from the manufacturer. This coverage varies depending on the manufacturer and the make and model you want to drive. If you want the peace of mind of factory warranty coverage, a new model is your best option. Our certified pre-owned vehicles come with extended warranty coverage that can help ease the financial burden of expensive repairs.

Find Your Next Car at ALM Cars

Whether you want the satisfaction of buying a brand-new car with zero miles and lots of features or a certified pre-owned model that's an excellent value and meets your needs, you can find your next car at ALM Cars. Stop by one of our locations to explore our extensive inventory, or peruse our online inventory page to discover your ideal vehicle.