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5 Best SUVs to Buy with Your Tax Refund

Whenever the tax season comes around, many people look forward to filing their returns to see how much extra cash the IRS will send their way. The check from Uncle Sam provides a rare opportunity to make a major purchase. Taxpayers receive refunds if they overpaid and have too much of their money withheld by the IRS. For self-employed individuals, refunds are made when they overpay their estimated taxes. The average refund from the IRS is $3,143, which is just about enough to help you make a down payment on a car. That said, here are the 5 best SUVs to buy with your tax refund:
1. Mercedes Benz GLC If you’re looking to upgrade to an elegant mid-sized SUV with plenty of space inside and excellent looks to match, the GLC is what you need. The premium SUV blends style, quality, and efficient powertrain options. The range of available engines means you can pick a unit with the most reasonable running costs. The GLC has ample cargo and passenger space, making it ideal for families. If you want to save money, the standard GLC is the most affordable option. Despite this, you’ll be guaranteed a solid array of standard features that few rivals offer. Not to mention that you’ll always turn heads whenever you show up in a Benz.
2. Jeep Grand Cherokee A staple of American highways, the Grand Cherokee is one of the best SUVs you can buy with your tax refund. It’s bulletproof and considered by many as the best American SUV. Comfortable, well equipped, versatile, and with a powerful engine, the Grand Cherokee offers plenty of appeal. Whether you want a reliable long-distance cruiser for your family or an off-road companion that can tackle the trickiest of terrains, the Grand Cherokee has you covered. With a choice of 322bhp 5.7-liter or 228bhp 4.7-liter V8s and a 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel, you have enough power to get you wherever you want.
3. Jeep Wrangler Alongside the Land Rover, the Jeep Wrangler is arguably the most iconic car ever made. Despite being in its third generation, the Wrangler has maintained its rugged looks and performance. It’s well suited for both the highway and the trails and can take you anywhere you want. No car can rival the Wrangler’s heritage as far as off-roading goes. The SUV is available in a range of engine options and trim levels. Specifications have changed over the years but if you find one, you’re guaranteed sheer reliable performance. Range-toppers and newer models come equipped with tech features such as hill-descent control.
4. Chevrolet Tahoe Looking for a full-size SUV that can handle your family's needs and has a record of dependable service? Look no further than the Tahoe. This SUV has been in production for nearly three decades and is renowned for its ability to venture to the most rugged trails. It’s a tried-and-true buy built to satisfy all your needs. The Tahoe is currently in its third generation of production. As such, you have endless options to choose from. The brawny SUV comes with three rows of seats and plenty of cargo space. Newer models come with active safety tech and an updated infotainment system. Therefore, buying one guarantees excellent value for your IRS refund.
5. Ford Escape Arguably, the Ford Escape is the least fashionable SUV on this list. Nonetheless, don’t let that fool you because it punches above its weight in performance, reliability, and overall value for money. Since its debut in 2001, the Ford Escape has been a popular compact crossover. Many Ford Escape models and styles have since entered the market, but they all remain true to the brand’s iconic combination of SUV-like utility and car-like handling. For an affordable mix of a sedan and family SUV, you can never go wrong with a Ford Escape. With its renowned dependability and driving experienced, you’re in for some fun.
Final Thoughts Although the average IRS tax refund is a little over $3,000, there are several exciting SUVs you can buy for that money. Given that 30% of Americans spend their tax refund on car-related purchases, get your check out and head over to ALM Cars, the best used car dealership in Georgia . We have a stock of over 4,500 new and pre-owned cars. So, browse our inventory to find the SUV of your dreams.